Deaton Engineering

Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) & Engineering

An Alternative to Offshore Contract Manufacturing

Offshore manufacturing is often necessary for mature products to control costs and remain competitive. However, taking this step too early can severely hinder your efforts to get your best product to market quickly. An engineering and low-volume manufacturing partner can save you time and money by helping you develop and manufacture your product until its ready to be transitioned to overseas production. This is certainly the case in early stages of product development where volumes are uneven, engineering is incomplete, and assembly documentation is nonexistent.

Deaton Engineering can help you keep pace with engineering changes on the fly while meeting your low-volume manufacturing needs. Your product will be managed by experienced engineers and built by skilled in-house technicians through this volatile transition period.

Once the product has matured, Deaton Engineering can produce assembly instructions, drawings, procedures, and manufacturing bid packages to ease the transition to lower-cost manufacturing.

Turnkey Design Services & Lean Manufacturing

Product Development & Design - Alpha & Beta Phases

Deaton Engineering can design the next-generation product as we build to meet current demand. Our designs reduce manufacturing and tooling costs and ease the transition to contract manufacturing.

Build to Order Assembly & Lean Manufacturing

Deaton Engineering can design your product, fulfill orders, and ship direct to your customers as required to meet demand. Your product will be built by skilled technicians who are adept at managing production changes. Quality is guaranteed.

Vendor Sourcing and Transition to High-Volume Manufacturing

Not only do we produce documentation necessary for the transition to high volume manufacturing, but we also help you identify the right manufacturing partner. We have contacts with a number of domestic and international firms to help get you started.

Engineering, Manufacturing, & Design Services

  • Custom part development
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Box build
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Product manufacturing & assembly
  • Electronic manufacturing & assembly
  • Machine manufacturing & assembly
  • Insourcing & inshoring
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Mechanical & electrical assembly
  • Manufacturing on demand
  • Enclosure assembly
  • Startup manufacturing
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Contract manufacturing organization (CMO)
  • Contract manufacturing services (CMS)
  • Rapid prototypes & first articles
  • Program management
  • Timeline and budget development
  • Testing support: shock, vibration, & packaging
  • Assembly instructions
  • Purchased part specification
  • Detailed bill of materials (BOM)
  • Vendor management
  • Manufacturing bid packages
  • Prototype development & verification
  • Design for manufacture
  • Test engineering and quality assurance
  • Engineering services list
  • Manufacturing services list
  • Product development experience list