Deaton Engineering

About Deaton Engineering

Deaton Engineering, Inc., is a full-service engineering company based in Georgetown, Texas. Established in 1991, Deaton Engineering offers a wide variety of engineering solutions and consulting services to clients in technology and process industries. Composed of a diverse group of Texas-licensed Professional Engineers, engineers, designers, and technical staff, Deaton Engineering provides services to support many fields of industry.

We enable our clients to expand and supplement their own in-house engineering capabilities without hiring additional staff or purchasing expensive equipment. Deaton Engineering tailors engineering solutions for each client, using the optimal level of resources and skills required. Our talented and diverse experience pool allows us to be very creative and productive. DEI is committed to ensuring the security and safety of our clients' data and intellectual property. We work with our clients under strict confidentiality agreements.

Our staff has many years of experience working in widely varied industries. If you have an engineering problem, we can solve it. Visit our Services page to learn what we can do for your company. If you want more information about how DEI works, contact us.