Deaton Engineering

Test Engineering, Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Automated Test Solutions to Guarantee Product Quality and Reduce Manufacturing Risks

Global competition, customer demands, and various regulatory bodies have put more emphasis on quality control and quality assurance. Quality has become a key product differentiator and a manufacturing necessity by providing plant managers with the information they need to make strategic decisions.

If your company requires fast, easy access to data for insights into operational processes, Deaton Engineering can help. We will team with you to design, build, and implement robust, continuous online quality verification systems. We also design custom test equipment and develop test plans to ensure quality.

Test Engineering, Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Custom Test and Quality Assurance for Improved Process & Manufacturing Robustness, and Reliability

Fully Automated System Testers

Deaton Engineering designs and builds semi- and fully automated test systems to meet your test specification criteria. DEI can develop test systems using any development platform.

Integrated Quality Assurance & Quality Control Systems

Deaton Engineering teams with you to integrate quality control systems that ensure product quality and cost efficiency. We design real-time quality verification systems that meet security demands and government regulations. Our integrated solutions help your company respond to business initiatives throughout the plant.

Custom Test Fixtures

Deaton Engineering designs and builds custom test fixtures that reduce labor costs and make final assembly more efficient. Our engineers provide innovative solutions to automate, simplify, and improve your current manufacturing processes.

Test Engineering, Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services

Working With Deaton Engineering

We strive to help you integrate current technologies into new products, achieve superior ROI, accelerate time to market, and create a positive business impact. Our custom equipment is designed to be easy to install, operate, and maintain with minimal engineering support. Our goal is to lower your cost of ownership by minimizing training, operator intervention, downtime, and revalidation.