Automation Engineering & Robotics

Design, Development, and Implementation of Advanced Automation Systems

Manufacturing is not what it used to be. Competition in today’s global marketplace is intense, and domestic manufacturers must work harder than ever to succeed. Compounding these challenges are customers and retailers that are savvier than ever, demanding lower prices and faster delivery times.

To be successful, manufacturers must seek new strategies for controlling operating costs. While some may abandon domestic facilities and ship their operations overseas, this approach is often fraught with challenges. An alternative approach is to improve the efficiency of your current manufacturing process — right here, right now — with automation.

Deaton Engineering helps North American manufacturing companies dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of their operation through the use of automation, robotics, and other efficiency measures that are often more cost-effective and profitable than off-shoring. Through automation, we can optimize your capital and labor resources in production, inventory management, quality control, and warehousing. Not only will you become more efficient and cost competitive, but you’ll also maintain tighter control of the operation than with manufacturing overseas.

Factory Automation, System Engineering, & Robotics

High-end Factory, Equipment, & Process Automation

Deaton Engineering designs fully automated control systems that incorporate industrial robots, vision systems, custom hardware, and quality control measurement techniques.

KUKA Official System Partner
KUKA Official System Partner

Robotic Automation Services

Deaton Engineering is an official partner of KUKA Robotics, the number one PC-controlled industrial robot manufacturer in the world. Our robotic automation systems encompass all forms of robotics including: pick and place, Cartesian, SCARA, and 4 and 6 axis robots. KUKA robots have a load capacity of 3 kg to 500 kg. KUKA robots are ideal for automating applications such as palletizing, machine tending, material handling, packaging, cutting, material removal, and welding.

Automated Test and Quality Assurance

Bridging the automation-to-enterprise gap is about leveraging manufacturing data in enterprise decisions. Deaton Engineering designs semi- and fully- automated test devices for manufacturing lines. We team with you to integrate quality control systems designed to continuously improve product quality and increase efficiency.

Automation Engineering & Robotics Services

  • Process & facility optimization
  • Lean six sigma
  • System engineering
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial controls
  • KUKA Robotics system partner
  • Factory automation
  • Computer aided engineering (CAE)
  • Plant automation
  • Process automation
  • Machine automation & integration
  • Equipment automation & integration
  • Automated test & quality assurance
  • System integration
  • Industrial robots - 4 and 6 axis
  • Vision systems
  • Laser displacement measurement